Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sadly I have come to realize that it's going to take way more than I can handel to get this site up and running and then to have it be awesome.
I've also decided I do not want to break the hearts of those I love, my family, who believe in me and my photography.
I still plan on doing something awesome though.
I still have lots to learn when it comes to photography and running a internet business but I am not going to give up.
I have lots and lots of interests and I do plan on making something with all my hobbies and passion. So I will be creating a site that deals with that. While I also help out others who inspire to make a name for themselves and want to get involved with their community.
for more info you can visit the myspace page at
i hope this dream comes real.
Thank You, Dea

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


finally i got word about my panel...
they denied my hentai panel!
(yet they have had yoai panels in the past)
here is what they told me"Unfortunately, I have to deny your panel. While Sakura Con certainly allows for mature discussion, past experiences have made us leery of allowing free-flowing, unstructured discussion of hentai and other materials of a sexual nature - even if they are absent visuals."
i'm really disliking SakuraCon and i better not see a damn panel that is like this or I'm going to get in there FACE about this damn shit! and after this year i will not return.
i'll start my own damn great con! one that is actually geared for ADULTS!
i know there's other cons for that...but that's out of state...and damn it MegaCon is able to still have them and so are the other bigger cons, why does sakura con have a stick up there ASS!
why do they have to be so damn family friendly!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

HC needs a icon/watermark/trademark

Hentai Crush needs a great icon/watermark/trademark for the site to put on the pictures and to put onto other stuff.

Since I’m not that great of an artist I need help!I've got lots of ideas but again my skills can't make it come to life.

So if you are good at that kind of thing, please help me! I need an original piece of work!! I'm willing to even pay!

So here are some ideasLips- make them look like a heart!

Heart- with arrow, cupid, arrows in the shape of the heart, with a wing.

Just think of what the name Hentai Crush can symbolize! Dirty, Naughty, Lust, Love, Affection, Admire, fallen, and so on.

$20 bucks goes to the winner!

Please email me at

Thanks ;3 Dea

Welcome to HC

Welcome to Hentai Crush!
This is my blog to promote my upcoming website Hentai Crush.

What is Hentai Crush?
Hentai is a Japanese term. It usually refers to comics and animation of a sexually nature.
For the full meaning you can visit

As far as the Crush part, I’m talking about the noun meaning someone you like or admire.

So what will my site be about?There will be beautiful girls (and guys) cosplaying as fictional characters (mostly from Anime) teasing and undressing. This is for 18+ Adults!So who are you crushing after?You might just get to see them on the site!

Thanks ;3 Dea